Tips to Help a Suicidal Friend

Suicide is no laughing matter. More than 47,000 people commit suicide in the U.S. every year, a number that is way too high. If you have a friend who says they’re suicidal, be there to provide them with support. Sometimes that is what a person really needs more than anything. A few more tips that make dealing with a suicidal person a little bit easier.

Do Not Discount Their Feelings

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Although another person’s problems may seem miniscule in comparison to others or simple in your mind, this may not be the way the situation feels to someone else. Never discount their feelings because they are very much real and should be expressed.

Do Not Encourage Their Behavior

Do not take any threats of suicide as a joke. You don’t know if the person is serious and something has caused them to feel in such a way. Do not encourage the behavior or dismiss their talk or behavior. Take it serious until you know the person is safe and secure.

Suicide Prevention Networks

Many resources are available to help anyone who feels that suicide is a solution to their problems. The resources range from hotlines to websites to blog posts and suicide prevention petersburg meetings. Help your loved one find the resources they need to ensure they do not go through with the act.

Be a Good Listener

Listen to your friend! Being a good listener can make a tremendous difference in the life of a person who feels that suicide is an option to solve the problems they eel. It doesn’t take a lot of effort to be a good listener.

It’s Not a Cry for Attention

Instead, it is a cry for help. Do not consider the person making threats of suicide as attention seeking but instead as seeking help and someone to care for them. You should be a good friend to anyone who feels that suicide is an answer.