What are the Most Common Symptoms of Cocaine Withdrawal?

Cocaine is a powerful stimulant drug. Using the drug only one time can cause an overdose and lead to an addiction. Coming off of cocaine is a scary experience that can cause mild to severe symptoms. It is important to recognize the symptoms of cocaine withdrawal as both psychological and physical symptoms can occur. It is uncomfortable to experience cocaine withdrawal and may also require medical attention in some cases. A detox from cocaine before entering addiction treatment programs fayetteville ar is recommended.

Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal vary from user to user and as mentioned, may be mild, moderate or severe. Symptoms include:

·    Anxiety

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·    Irritation and agitation

·    Restlessness

·    Fatigue

·    Depression

·    Insomnia

·    Psychosis

·    Nightmares and vivid hallucinations

·    Pain and discomfort

·    Flu-like symptoms

Cocaine withdrawal can last for many months after the last use of the drug. Most people crash quickly when the drug wears off. Often there is a strong desire for more of the drug. This is dangerous for anyone. Most people experience withdrawal symptoms for a matter of days.

Attending a detox center makes dealing with the many withdrawal symptoms more tolerable and safer for the user. Medical staff provide care to patients 24/7 and take steps to ease their aims and fears, of which many exist at this time. They can ensure the patient detoxes from cocaine safely and that the person is ready to begin the next phase of their life and enter the rehabilitation program safely.

Cocaine withdrawal is painful but it is the first step in defeating addiction. Do it with the help of trained medical professionals to ease some of the burdens from your shoulders. You can live a long and healthy life after cocaine addiction if the right steps are taken.